The Bridge Concept

Bridge acts as a catalyst for helping children achieve permanence more quickly while enabling them to maintain connections in their lives.

This program is designed to provide a placement resource that is committed to working with the child’s birth family towards the goal of reunification; and, if reunification fails, Bridge is committed to raising/parenting the child.

Committed to maintaining a permanent connection for the child, the Bridge family not only provides care for the child, but also acts as a mentor to the child’s birth family.

This approach views foster care as a service provided to the child’s entire family. The resource families will meet both foster and adoptive program criteria; come from the same community as the child; and be willing to accept and agree to visitation and other types of contact with siblings, extended family and other important people in the child’s life.

Bridge Resource Family is a family who may be asked to:

  • Provide temporary care, love and nurturance to the child and serve as a mentor — actively helping the parent improve their ability to safely care for their children — while assisting in the transition to reunification, legal guardianship, or adoption to another family and maintaining the child’s connection to kin culture and community.
  • Serve as the legal guardian for the child while maintaining the child’s connection to kin, culture, and community.
  • Adopt the child while maintaining the child’s connection to kin, culture and community.