We have been filming videos for Bridge Families, as well as other OKDHS programs for many years. We are in the process of converting our existing VHS and DVD library into streaming media. Please check back with us for updated videos.

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The Sibling Connection

Siblings have a profound bonds than can make the foster/adoption experience less painful when they are able to remain together. This video shares the experiences of one group of siblings who were adopted separately and their reunion years later.

Journey to Adoption

The Journey to Adoption Video is a presentation for adoptive families who are awaiting placement of a child in the OKDHS foster care system.  The video provides the family a preview of the adoption process and hopefully answers general questions and/or generates questions for the adoptive family to ask their adoption specialist.

Public Service Announcements ( 2009 ) and the Ad Council created these Public Service Announcements to remind everyone that “you don’t have to be perfect to be a perfect parent. There are thousands of teens in foster care that would love to put up with you.”

The Road to Adoption

Listen to actual foster and adoptive parents as they share their impressions, thoughts, trials and victories on the road to adoption and foster care, and the foster and adoptive children whose lives have been changed by the compassion of others.

Video Training

OKDHS Child Welfare has made a series of 19 Videos available to Foster Parents. These videos provide specialized training in topics relevant to many Resource Families. Foster Parents can earn 1 hour of training credit (for a maximum of 9 hours a year) with Child Welfare by viewing the video and passing a 15 question quiz concerning the information covered in the video.